A service advisor will type customer’s information into computer at time of appointment request and confirm communication options with you - text and e mail are tools we use to better inform and update our customers. With text, you will be asked if you can receive pictures on your phone, as that is our preferred method of sending Multi-point Inspection results, actual digital pictures of any deficiencies, or points of interest with your vehicle. We text Status Updates so you are informed as to the service progress of your vehicle. We can only send estimates via email or verbally go over everything with you on the phone or in person.

Receiving confirmation of your complaint(s) and needed scenario to get problem(s) to reoccur are important. Good information on each problem is a must for the technician to determine your problem(s) in the least amount of time. If vehicle needs to be driven for problem verification, a technician can ride with you. If complaint is a cold problem, then vehicle will need to be dropped of the night prior to your appointment, either before we close or utilizing the after hours drop off system.

Scheduled time is for the service writer interview/problem verification, not for technician to start service. If you need to have the vehicle back that day please indicate what time. We offer local rides to help. If you will need a ride please indicate where and when in initial appointment request either online or verbally. You will be asked to fill out Check in Kiosk. In many cases we will want to go out to vehicle to have you show us your complaint(s). If vehicle needs to be driven, your service advisor will select an employee to ride along with you so that we might experience problem(s) with you.

We prefer to have vehicles dropped off either the night prior to or the morning of appointment as close to 8 am as possible. This allows us to diagnose problem and then give you results / estimates and options for repairs. If repairs are authorized they will be started and in many cases completed that same day. We will send you results or updates as soon as they become available.

If you wish to wait while service is performed, pre-approval by Service Manager is required – the only time that waiting is scheduled is at 8:00 am. We prefer the vehicle be dropped off to allow technician time to diagnose problem without the hurry- up pressure that is added by customer waiting. Waiting can be set up for minor repairs that have been previously diagnosed or for preventive maintenance, such as an oil change. We suggest picking a day that it could be dropped off early.

If your vehicle is towed in or dropped off without an appointment, we will get your vehicle in as soon as our schedule allows. Once we have diagnosed the problem(s), we will give you the results / estimates, options for repairs and proceed as you request.